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Asking Experts: Tanya Collins - Transformational Coach

About this Episode:

Tanya Collins is a Transformational Coach who has trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and a number of other other coaching modalities. Tanya currently assists clients both in personal and professional settings to breakthrough emotional and belief based barriers that are holding them back.

Tanya's skills allow her to support issues as far ranging as improving sports and business performance to helping individuals with PTSD, depression or addiction.

She has a degree in physiology and has had a career working in operationally challenging environments such as senior roles in the prison service, social services in the USA, and working in a charity for socially excluded young and disabled individuals.

In this episode I chat to Tanya about some of the key themes holding creatives back and what we can do about them. Tanya gives some great insight having exhibited her own artwork on several occasions and talks about the creative journey as both a coach and an artist.

In this episode we discuss:

The Key things holding creatives back.

Daily routines - Meditation, Gratitude and Affirmations.

How language patterns can improve business and romantic relationships.

Why you might want to become emotionally clearer.

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Interview Transcript - Mark Levien Inter
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About the Podcast

The Creative Venture Podcast is hosted by freelance creative Mark Levien, talking to successful and aspiring creatives to better understand how they have achieved their success. The podcast explores soft skills and themes like imposer syndrome, fear of failure, developing courage and more. Aimed at people at the very start of their career and those looking to take the next step.



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