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Matt Price: Sound Recordist - Enthusiasm, Energy & Overcoming Obstacles

About this Episode:

Matt Price is most well known for his youtube channel which has served as a useful resource for individuals wanting to get started in film sound. Completing over 600 projects spanning documentary, commercial and more Matt has recorded presidents, covered events like the Royal Wedding and worked with talent like Cameron Diaz and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Matt talks us through how he took 11hr coach journeys from Dundee Scotland to take on work in London and how he overcame odds when they seemed stacked against him. We discuss the importance of positivity, how to get clients and learn about the steps Matt took along the way to building his business.

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Interview Transcript - Mark Levien Inter
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About the Podcast

The Creative Venture Podcast is hosted by freelance creative Mark Levien, talking to successful and aspiring creatives to better understand how they have achieved their success. The podcast explores soft skills and themes like imposer syndrome, fear of failure, developing courage and more. Aimed at people at the very start of their career and those looking to take the next step.

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