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Jon Xue Zhang - Martial Artist: Just Breathe, the Secret to Handling Yourself.

About this Episode:

In this episode I’m talking to Martial arts instructor and stunt performer Dr.Jon Xue Zhang,

an expert in seven different martial arts disciplines. Jon has trained members of the armed forces, police and the Saudi Arabian national taekwondo team. Jon has worked as a stunt performer, an actor and has been involved with films like Marvels Dr.Strange, The Eternals, 47 Ronin and The Gentlemen.

In this episode Jon tell us about his experience working along side The Rock, how meditation saved his life and transitioning your hobby into a full time job.

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Interview Transcript - Mark Levien Inter
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About the Podcast

The Creative Venture Podcast is hosted by freelance creative Mark Levien, talking to successful and aspiring creatives to better understand how they have achieved their success. The podcast explores soft skills and themes like imposer syndrome, fear of failure, developing courage and more. Aimed at people at the very start of their career and those looking to take the next step.



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