The Situation

I'm sure to many of us the current situation sounds more like the plot of a sci-fi script rather than anything we would ever expect to actually happen. Yet to get through these unprecedented times as safely as possible there are a few things I'm doing to ensure the safety of talent, crew and myself on set.

Lockdown 2.0

From Thursday, November 5 at 00:01. to Wednesday 2nd December at 00:01, The UK will be in it's second national lockdown. Film production may continue where shooting is done so in a "COVID Secure" way. 
More details can be found via British Film Commission   

Steps I'm taking for you:

  • Up to date Screen-skill COVID training certificate

  • PPE worn on-set at all times

  • Sanitising of all body worn straps and microphones before and after shooting 

  • Regular hand sanitising and cleaning of equipment 

  • Reduced contact when mic'ing as required

  • COVID Testing where required by production.

If you have any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to Get in Touch 

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